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Children & Youth

We believe that children are the church of tomorrow and should be actively encouraged to take part in church activities as part of the extended church family.

To this end many of our congregation members are involved with the children and young people, however there is a core of people (the Children and Youth Work Committee) who are responsible for overseeing our children and youth activities. Each of us has specific responsibilities, but primarily we work as a team.

Our main objective is to build relationships with the children and young people of both parishes and to show them that we believe in a loving and caring God by action as much as by words. We regularly visit both the local primary schools in one capacity or another (as parents, teachers, assembly leaders, etc.) and know many of the children by name.

Needless to say, our children and young people's wellbeing and safety is of paramount importance, and to this end, you can download a summary of our Child Protection Policy prepared by Jane Cooper, our Children's Representative.

We are all deeply committed to the Christian faith and to our youth ministry. As parents we are all conscious of the responsibility of caring for children and young people, their safety is paramount in all we do. We provide a secure environment in all our activities for the young people to explore the Christian faith without pressure or obligation.